terça-feira, 16 de maio de 2017

Pensamentos Divergentes (nº 347)

de todo o dialecto entre nós
           e as estrelas e as mós 
faz-me espécie este saber de não sabendo
correndo entre os vértices da barriga do não dizer

estás? o que estás? 
estás aquilo que sei que estás mas que posso estar errado?

dói-me a planta do pé da existência e da insistência do doer de existir.

cai-me só em eco no colo
           ((((e faz de conta faz de conta faz de conta faz de conta que))))
duas mãos são o que basta para mudar o mundo

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Rui disse...

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The bottom line is the bulk of the People in our poor country exist in a brainless comma that is fed by Ignorance, anti-Spanish hate, and severe Racism of pretty much everybody that isn’t Portuguese! And, Portugal started the Global Slave Trade in 1441 so it is definitely NOT a safe place for Blacks!!

I found important websites that explain the Severe multi-generational Racism and Hate that exist in Portugal today, and i highly encourage all to read them and spread the word in order to avoid innocent, and desperate people from living or visiting there. Get educated on the Truths about Racist Portugal now.

1) https://www.theroot.com/a-white-journalist-discovers-the-lie-of-portugal-s-colo-1790854283

2) https://saynotoracistportugal.neocities.org/

3) http://www.discoveringbristol.org.uk/slavery/routes/places-involved/europe/portugal/



5) http://www.ipsnews.net/2011/10/portugal-crisis-pushes-women-into-prostitution/

6) https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/06/the-mystery-of-why-portugal-is-so-doomed/276371/

Be SAFE friends. Hugs.