sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

Fuck my life!

Introverts are often tossed outside the locked gates of conventional society. The quirks produced by their cerebral oversensitivities turn them into "geeks" - round pegs excluded from the square holes of acceptability. Even when they're toddlers, pre-school teachers shudder at their strangeness, stigmatizing them with terms like "negative" and "loner." Other kids and adults catapult them from their presence or refuse to look their way. Meanwhile extroverts are grabbed in warm embrace. As hard as introverts may campaign for leadership, it's the extroverts who are handed the top slots. The hormonal fuels of power propel extroverts to take out their aggression on those beneath them. And oversensitives become their punching bags. Among lower primates, the savageness of these attacks is particularly visible. Then things go from bad to worse. Introverts are stuck with aiming their aggression at themselves. Among those extroverts who bask in popularity, the wonder-hormone serotonin banishes depression and produces a sense of confidence and mastery. However serotonin backfires in exiles from the favor of society. It slams introverts into nail-biting and timidity. One of the few strategies for overcoming this conundrum is to bail out and find a group or build a philosophy in which you're no longer pushed to the periphery.

Retirado daqui. Fonte original de um senhor muito interessante chamado Howard Bloom.

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